Often the Bible and its teachings seem complicated to many. However, the Bible is a book that can be understood. There are subjects that are critical and worthy of special attention. These help to direct us and give us a clear understanding of what God requires from us. They can be further summarized into a set of beliefs that anyone can understand. So the question is what are your beliefs? Are your beliefs based on peer pressure, family tradition? etc Do you believe in Jesus? If not, what has diverted your beliefs into something else? The answer is in us human beings. Look at yourself, you are breathing, you can walk and run, you were in the womb for 9 months, you grew up until this age. Can anyone besides God do such wonders? Even the concept of evolution, why cant it continue as Historians put it? Why has it stopped? Read on to learn more.[ E.G White Books: Testimonies for the church volume 1 – 9, Counsels for the church, Christian service ]

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