The only thing we can truly carry along to heaven, or even hell, is character. What a sobering thought! But indeed, your character is something that will faithfully stick with you until kingdom come and beyond. Our mind sets, attitudes and behaviour are often products of many days, even years. These form part of our character which in turn is an expression of what the years of living on earth have taught us. Character affects and influences the quality of our existence. It is something not to be underestimated. Read more about this very important subject to know how you can develop a character that fits you for the kingdom of God. Remember that you can checklist your character from the Ten Commandments that are a mirror in our  daily lives. Without these ten commandments we can never know our characters. Read on to learn more. [ E.G White Books: Child guidance; The Adventist Home; Mind, Character and Personality vol 1 and 2]

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