Ellen G. White, Who is She?


Mrs Ellen Gould White popularly known as E.G White or Mrs White is one of the prophetess that stands the Tests of True Prophets. Prophets are not the same. Some esp these days are more deceiving and act fake healings on stage as a marketing tool to get more customers in their religion. Mrs  E.G. White is not worshiped as many conclude nor  do the churches worship through her. The Adventist church does not worship or pray in the name of Mrs White.  Her writings are regarded as the lesser light that help us together with the Holy Spirit  in understanding Prophecy. I am sure you know in your heart that Prophecy is not an easy topic to understand. Many religions are preaching Prophecy in so many different ways leaving the public confused and to wonder, who is telling the truth. Some preachers claim God speaks to them and shows them visions yet when you look at the lifestyle & dressing of these preachers in front of the congregation one wonders what type of God they worship. Sweet tongue sermons are deceiving millions of innocent people worldwide. Mrs white does not praise herself and lure people into joining her church. All her teachings tie to the scriptures as evidence unlike modern prophets that demean E.G White writings yet use her books to extract information, manipulate it and use it in their organisations. Click the following link: Ellen G. White and read in detail about her relationship with God. Further reading: A Prophet Among You,  Life Sketches,   Understanding Ellen White.

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