Health & Temperance


Health is probably the most important wealth of all riches, without it nobody can enjoy this life, as the apostle puts it, 3 John 1:2. Most people get sick, die prematurely, get  older faster and misunderstand scriptures because of ignorance of health & temperance & spirituality. Health should be the right arm of our spirituality. Without spirituality then our  effort in following health rules is of no use. Further, natural diet even in these modern times is far much recommended than white flour refined & sugary foods( these are worse in our health than meat eating. Read 2 Kings 4:40.) Meat diet should be avoided as much as possible and substitutes wisely selected. Daily exercise & fresh air must be taken into account. Make room for at least 30 mins of daily exercise in order to stay young and free from disease. Read on to learn more. [ E.G White Books: Counsels On Diets And Foods, Ministry Of Healing, Education, Christian Service, Counsels For The Church, The Colporter Evangelist , Messenger Of The Lord.]



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