Love for Money


Among the many sins and heart wrenching acts that prevail in the world, it is difficult to find one that is not linked to money, directly or indirectly.  The scriptures reveal that the love of money is the root of all evil, 1 Timothy 6:10. This is not difficult to imagine in a world where money is the basic medium of exchange for almost everything. Money has caused many to forget who God is. Because of lack of trust in God, many have joined prosperity gospel churches in order to get quick riches and yet running away from true and genuine riches from God. We all wish to be rich and purchase anything we want but we cant reach this stage if we don’t obey God, Proverbs 28:20. We need to accept the blessings that God gave us separately rather than comparing ourselves to others and end up coveting other peoples assets and lives. Lets try by all means to avoid falling into this pothole that has caused the fall of many, and is threatening the salvation of countless more in our world today. Read on to learn more. [ E. G. White Books: Steps to Christ; Counsels on stewardship; Christ’s object lessons ]

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