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Pleasure is a natural part of mankind. From the cradle to the grave we seek that which excites us and makes our life worth living. Wordly music tunes have penetrated our religion and masked with gospel lyrics. There must be  a clear distinction between pure gospel music and earthly music. The two can’t mix. Some use music for pride & show-off  to members in order to gain attention just like Lucifer when he felt special to the point of complaining and demanding more than what was given to him by God. Some use the Sabbath afternoons as entertainment time for soccer, business meetings, adultery & fornication, even sleeping etc. God in His wisdom made music and entertainment available for sacred pleasure. In a world where almost everything God made has been twisted, it should be no wonder that music and entertainment have not been spared. Read more to know what the inspired writings say about what constituents sacred music and acceptable entertainment. [ E.G White Books: Steps to Christ; The Adventist home; Child Guidance ]

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