Racism by definition seeks to demean one’s culture and belief system with all the elements involved in shaping a group of people with negative connotations. Those who are called to serve God operate above racism, there are courteous and loving, after all love will do that which argument will fail to accomplish. Racism doesn’t only  refer to skin color discrimination but goes further to  tribal  discrimination i.e among same race color.

So if you are preparing for a new heaven and you are racist or tribal how will you live side by side with other races in the new Heaven? That is  why we the last six (6) commandments that guide us on how to show true love among ourselves, while the first four (4) commandments guide us on how to love our Creator. If the ten commandments were nailed to the cross as most denominations put it, then there will be no love  among us and our Creator. Read on to learn more: [ E.G White Book: Gospel Workers ].

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