The Law & Grace


Modern Christian religions can be summarized by these two terms, some believers subscribe to the notion of the law being abolished by the cross and yet some still believe that grace has replaced the law. The bible is clear concerning the unchangeable law of God and the true meaning of grace. Most churches use these verses to deceive innocent people: Romans 10:4, Romans 6:14, Romans 7:6 , Galatians 5:18 etc. Common sense, being under grace does not give anyone the right to sin and where there is sin the law exists. lf the law was abolished, why does one go to jail for stealing, lieing etc and we should not have a problem when our wives and husbands commit adultery etc. These verses are mostly ignored by those that claim that the law was abolished: Romans 7:7, Romans 3:31, Romans 7:12 . Books to read are Romans & Hebrews. As many churches and preachers waste time debating about the law, grace and faith the bible gives the final thought in this verse: Ecclesiastes 12:13 -14. So we should not add or subtract what God has declared. Read on to learn more. [ E.G White Book: The Acts Of The Apostles. ]


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