Original vs Revised Bibles


The world today offers multiple options for just about anything. Be it vehicles, clothing, food or even the Bible. The Bible is of course found in the various languages of the world. But in our day a number of these language bibles come in different versions. But why? What is it about the many bible versions that we have, especially those in English? Which version or versions are reliable?  The devil is using every tactic to get in the minds of the rich and famous to rewrite the bible in the name of “simplied versions for all” To date there are hundreds of revised bibles that have been diluted of the truth and hence misleading millions esp the chapter of the ten commandments( Exodus 20: 1 to 20) This is the key for everyone to check and confirm if the ten commandments are still the same as God gave them to Moses. Some churches have diluted these ten commandments, removed and added their own words so as to suite their religions. They are afraid to reveal this truth because they may lose their members and run out of business when members leave and join the true church of God. Read on to learn more. [ E.G White Books: Bible History Old Testament Vol. 1- 7, Recommended  Bibles ]

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